Remove Vowels with for Loops - Solution anywhere?



Intro to Python

I'm massively stuck on the "remove vowels with for loops exercise (19) and can find anyone who listed a solution and/or can't determine where the solution resides within codecademy.

With that, can someone please pose or propose a solution as I've hit a wall and don't want to proceed without understanding this exercise.

Thanks much.

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there are plenty of topics on this matter? You can simple append all constants to a new list, that is by far the easiest solution


Thanks for the reply.

And yes, there are plenty of solutions to the problem but not necessarily the one I'm looking for.

The task at hand is to perform the search, removal and print of the phrase using a "for" loop. I'm attempting to understand the logic here as well as better understand why I cannot figure out how to print the statement a single time using the "for" logic.

Anyone have the solution or a proposed one?

Does codecademy have a solutions for each exercise? The "hint" is of little help.

As always, thanks.


i would personally do the print after the for loop, the for loop is just to remove the vowels.