Remove type="text/javascript"

type=“text/javascript” is not at all needed anymore in HTML5 and should be removed the course as something you must type in.

Hi Øyvind,

While the type="text/javascript" attribute isn’t required in HTML5, it’s still around, since you can have non-JavaScript languages in <script> tags. I would opt for keeping the type attribute, even though it rarely needs to be used anymore :slight_smile:
I remember @mtf having an answer to this a while ago.

At least have a part were it says that it isn’t needed anymore for JavaScript and they can safely leave it out?
Right now the course give an impression that it must be there since you must have it to pass the tests, and it is always there on every course were you don’t type it yourself

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I believe it is there because the current course is for HTML(4), where it is(?) required.

@mtf has an answer to everything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@jibblyj I’m not sure if anyone really knows which version of HTML the HTML/CSS course is on :smile:
It covers HTML5-only stuff, while using older syntax (<img ... /> instead of <img ...>, for example), and weird stuff like that.

And we’ll call this…

HTML 4.5!