Remove the "Reset Progress" button

Remove the “Reset Progress” button from the top of the syllabus. It’s not in a good position and people could accidentally click on it. Also, if one does accidentally click on it, add a pop up window that asks, “Are you sure you wish to do this?..” before they continue.

This would be good but there is a pop-up when I click it.


Oh, whew. Thank you for checking. That’s good. I wasn’t going to verify that. Lol.

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It should be moved to the bottom to prevent this from happening in the first place. But because of the pop up its not a huge issue.

But…not everyone is going to select the button to see if there is a pop up.

True but if somebody is not good or well versed in tech accidentally clicks it may “scare” them.

I just think it’s poor UX. (In my opinion).

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