I set up the loop. I havent been taught yet how to use not in like instructed. can someone give me an example?

all I have got is

def remove_duplicates(remove):
new_list = []
for i in remove:
return new_list

Replace this line with your code.


turns out we did lol in bad aim


Did you solve the problem?


No was going to retyrn to it tuesday/ tomorrow


if you post an updated version of your code i can help you, but working on it yourself would be better :slight_smile:


def remove_duplicates(remove):
new_list = []
second_list = []
for i in remove:
for n not in new_list:

return second_list

looking through my notes, it doesn't explain how not in works on lists. :unamused:


well, both not and in should have been covered? Maybe not the combination of the two, but combined you should be able to understand them.

it is literaly what is says: if (or for) n which is not in new_list, append n to second list


totally understand what you mean now, passed it :wink: