Remove a list-item!


Hey there, everyone!

How can I remove a "prepended" list-item simply by clicking on it? Or, specifically, what should I TARGET in order to remove that very item?!.

Thank you.


which lesson? post a link, please


Of course, certainly! ^_^


Actually, I finished this entire lesson. Yet, it does not include any "removing" task. Thus, I wondered if someone can invent a method to delete or remove a ('.posts') listed-item only by clicking on it, or so I presumed! ^_^

I thank you kindly, Mr. @yuta0827 for your replaying effort. Yet, this isn't what I truly asked for.


Under the .btn click handler, insert this code as its own handler.

  $('.posts').on('click', 'li', function() {


Thank you so much... I loved this piece of code of yours, sir! ^_^


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