Remove a Few Things


If I have a list:

beatles = ["john", "paul", "george", "ringo", "stuart"]

I know from the exercise that
will remove the first item from the beatles list that matches str "stuart"

However, what if I had more than one "stuart" in that list? How would I go about deleting ALL the "stuart" strings not just the first one it encounters?

Hope that makes sense.
Thank you all in advance!


this is surprisingly more difficult then you would expect.

the best approach would be to use the built in filter() function:

filter(lambda a: a != "stuart", beatles)

but as you can see, this is quit complex.

if we just make a loop, and use remove() everytime we see a "stuart" won't work, given if the 2 stuarts in a row, the second one would be skipped (index shift), so then we would need to loop over the list in reverse (or a copy of the list)


Thanks for the reply! I had to look a little more into the filter() function and lambda but now that I've got a grasp on that - makes sense. :smiley:

Part of me is a tad curious as to how you would even loop a list in reverse or copy a list though? Just for curiosity's sake. But, I understand that may be a whole other complex thing in itself.

Again, thanks for taking the time to reply. Learning about lambda opened up a lot of possibilities for me.


filter will be covered later in this course as well.

well, we have a reversed() built in function in python:

for beatle in reversed(beatles):
  if beatle == "stuart":

as for the copy of the list, there are couple of tricks we can use, list slicing:

for beatle in beatles[:]:

or the built in list() function:

for beatle in list(beatles):

but i think this solutions are all less efficient.

a little googling also reminded we can simply make a new list:

new_beatles = []
for beatle in beatles:
    if beatle != "stuart":

which we can shorten using a list comprehension:

new_beatles = [beatle for beatle in beatles if beatle != "stuart"]

which also will be covered later. Pretty cool, right? :slight_smile:


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