Remembering the codes learnt

I have begun my coding journey around 2 weeks ago and have learnt HTML and currently going to move onto CSS, however sometimes i get discouraged because even though i remember some and most commonly used tags/codes, I cannot remember all the ones I have learnt, meaning I have to look them back up when trying to practice creating my own website. (even though it looks pretty plain since no CSS has been added yet). Anyways, I was just wondering if this is normal? Do you guys look tags and stuff up or do you just remember all of them? Apologies if this sounds like a silly question, its just making me doubt myself slightly even though i really do want to learn more about coding etc.

Thank you in advance to anyone who replies.

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There is simply to much to remember, I still consult documentation regular after 5 years :wink:

tags and other things you use a lot, you will remember. Your problem solving skill and analytic thinking should increase.

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Thank you so much for replying! Ah, that makes me feel better lol i really thought I was being stupid for not remembering everything I had learnt so far.
Hopefully it’ll get easier as I continue to learn and practice :smile:

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You’ll remember what you use, and the more you use it the better you’ll remember it. Two weeks? You probably haven’t used that much of anything THAT often yet. Take notes, keep practicing, and don’t feel bad consulting the docs - you’ll still need them occasionally even when you do know what you’re doing.

Also: there was a meme that got posted in my work chat by one of the established engineers, and everyone loved it.


I am still looking for site that give programmers more tasks esp web dev

Love the meme!! :joy: that’s slightly how i feel since i did graduate last year after studying midwifery but now want a career change so whenever i look at docs to help me out it almost feels like i’m cheating :laughing:

thank you for replying though, i feel so much better about this whole thing already and reassured too. Hope you’re doing well!!

yeah same, i’ve been trying to find some other sites that have ideas that i could use to build website to practice, just to kind of see how much i remember and also build my confidence with coding

You can try recreating other sites, or using their layouts as a jumping off point for a redesign. Free CSS has a lovely collection of templates that could be fun to recreate or mine for ideas, many of them Creative Commons (just don’t actually use the source code, else you’re not learning anything). W3Schools has its own, smaller and simpler collection of templates.

For HTML/CSS projects, Geeks For Geeks has this list of 10, and another 10 for when you’re ready for JavaScript. upGrad has this list of 21 projects, some are html/css others will require javascript for anything more than the UI. Here are a couple from

And finally there’s this list of 100 ideas on github, some are better than others, most are js stuff.

@tbiw so you’ll see it too.

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Oh wow!!! Thank you so much for these resources, I’ll be sure to use them and practice :smile: You’ve been really helpful, this makes me feel much more confident and I can’t wait to get to the point where I’ll also be able to use Javascript :smile:

I’m glad it was helpful. Just don’t get discouraged if CSS is a pain. You’ll get there.

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I will check them out when I get data to browse on my PC which might take some days but thanks for responding.

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