Remember to put some link text between your tags


Hello, I'm new here. I can't even find the place to post the "introduce yourself" at. I'm envious of all of your knowledge but am still working in HTML5 and CSS. I'm having a problem I hope you may be able to help me out with. I'm in "CSS: An Overview, Links and text decoration. I keep getting the error message "Oops, try again. Did you remember to put some link text between your tags? You can't leave them empty!" so I can't move on in my training. Here is the link I'm using (without spaces) and the cursor forms a hand shape when I roll over "Cash Flow": Cash Flow

It won't let me move on and it's very frustrating. Thanks in advance for any help/guidance you may be able to offer.

Welcome to our forums! Please Introduce Yourself

(By the way, this is the "introduce yourself" place. You found it).

Can you post what you have so far? I don't think I've done that particular tutorial yet but I may still be able to help.

By the way, don't be discouraged if programming is hard/frustrating/infuriating at first! When I was first learning, it was very frustrating for me too :slight_smile:


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