Remember Login Info

Please add a remember login feature. Sites typically have this option.


This annoys me too. Why should I have to log in every session? It’s a pain.

I use LastPass to store and autotype passwords, what do you use?

I use the browser. (On a side note, how come there’s a minimum
character limit for posts?)


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I used to hate clearing my cache. When I clear the cache, my browser forgets all my passwords. Now I use LastPass to look them up and put them back in again.

It all depends on what browser you use. I recently cleared my cache and cookies and I was able to retain my passwords. Typically you can check the boxes for things that you want to clear (i.e. history, cache, cookies, etc.). You should be able to uncheck passwords.

I would like the option to choose between using the browser or a password manager like LastPass. Websites like Treehouse and Code School allow users to save usernames and passwords. Plus, LastPass was hacked last year.

Saving the login information should at least be an option. Having us type in our login information every time we use Codecademy negatively impacts the user experience.

It also would improve the user experience if the login form was either the default form when you reach the home page or put in the header like Facebook’s. Several times I’ve found myself attempting to login only to realize that it was for the sign-up form. I’ve even tried to bookmark your login page, but when I clicked the bookmark it returned to the sign-up form.

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This is the important part for sure.

Same for me. I already sent codecademy an e-mail about this quite some time ago, but never received an answer. It appears that Codecademy is actively blocking password managers, I wonder why this. Its not like it has to be super secure as in online banking, does it? I can’t use codecademy on a regular basis if I am forced to manually type the password.

I haven’t had that problem, LastPass works fine with Codecademy.

Good for you, then. :-/

Do you have more information to share on which password managers that are being blocked?

I’m using this one:

I’m trying it out now. I get a “no login data found for this page” message. Is that what you are seeing too?

I didn’t have that message (at least recently). When saving the password, the addon automatically recognizes the form fields. On codecademy it recognized the fields “disable-autocomplete” and “user[password]”. Surely, this can’t be right. But even after editing the password entry (using the FF addon “Saved Password Editor”) to use “user[login]” instead of “disable-autocomplete” it does not work. The password manger seems to be hindered, as if some javascript clears out the fields again before the form is submitted.

I don’t think that am having good luck at replicating that. Maybe there is someone else reading this that could give it a try.