Remaining in codecademy after my pro membership ends

How do I still remain in my career path without being yanked off codecademy after my pro membership ends

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The Career Paths are a Pro-only feature, I’m afraid; however, there are many courses which have a free-to-access component. Depending on which path you’re taking, a sub-set of the content may remain available to you if your Pro subscription lapses. :slight_smile:

My career path is Web development.
Courses are html CSS and javascript.

Some of the component parts of the path can be covered with a Free account, like the Learn HTML material.

Some others, like the interactive JavaScript content, can not.

In short, not everything that the Web Development path would cover is available without a Pro subscription. (You also don’t get the curated pathway without Pro, you’d be taking the courses separately and would need to join everything up on your own.)

So how do I go about the pro subscription?

You can subscribe to Pro through your profile page on the main site. :slight_smile:

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I’d also like to note that any progress you’ve made so far will be saved even when your PRO ends. Welcome to the forums!

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Do I click on the pro membership link and select upgrade now? because I can see a “new pro student membership” on my dashboard , and upgrade now when I click on the pro membership link. Which one of them is the right link to subscribe PRO

@dr_victoria et @thepitycoder I’ve been unable to subscribe to PRO . Each time i click on join pro or join pro student it brings me back to my dashboard. Kindly assist.

I think this is happening as you already have a Pro subscription, and I think you’re trying to re-subscribe. The checkout page is recognising that you already have Pro, so you don’t need to sign up again.

The Extending Your Subscription page on the Help Center might be useful; if that doesn’t work, you may have to wait for your existing subscription to lapse and then re-subscribe.

You can also reach out to the Codecademy Customer Support team, and ask them for assistance as the forum team (mods & super users) don’t have any access to your account. CS would be able to help you better, as they can actually see your account. :slight_smile: