Rem / em units Tsunami Coffee exercise

Are those statements contradictory?
Seems to me like they are.

[didn’t find an appropriate tag like “responsive” ]

Hi, there!

Are you asking if “use rem units to make the h1 text equivalent to 40 pixels” is contradictory? If so, it would not be. The rem value of 2.5rem is equivalent to 40px. (40 / 16 = 2.5)

The difference is that rem is responsive whereas px is not. rem or the “root-em” sizing is based on the root elements font size. If not explicitly set by the HTML element in the stylesheet, most browsers have a default font size of 16 unless changed by the user. The last part is important, because if a user has changed the default font size to be smaller or larger, you want your font to be responsive to the user’s needs.

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Sorry, misread (again) I read it as “should be increased with the rating section”, meaning with the parent element, which would be contradictory to using rem. “withIN” is not contraditory. Sorry!