Reloading React App

Hi, this is Josep and I’m really stuck with the Jamming react project. This is gonna sound silly, but my problem is that I cannot reload the React app after switching the computer off for the day. One solution would be to carry on with the project thru completion, but this is not a real solution… Can someone help me here? Thank you very much!!

Hi Josep,

I’m not sure I’m following what the problem is exactly. What happens when you try to launch your project with npm start again after you restart your computer? It sounds as though you have to start a new project entirely upon reboot. Are you not able to open your project folder in VSCode after rebooting?

Hello, and thanks for the reply. That is exactly what happens: I have to start a new project entirely upon reboot. However, from your reply I deduce that what I should try is to launch the project with npm start -which I didn’t. And yes, I can open my project in VSCVode after rebooting, but I tried to launch the project copying the file path to the browser and it did not work. I will try launching with npm start . Thank you very much for your help!! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome. Once you get comfortable launching the development server again, then you’ll be fine rebooting as often as you want/need.

Here’s an article from Codecademy about creating and running a React app locally: Creating a React App. Section 3. Starting the React App Development Server will be what you want to focus on for this particular issue.

Hi Scott,


Many, many thanks!


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