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From Today’s newsletter:

Growing up, we had to memorize the spelling of words like “return,” remember that 12 x 12 = 144, and recall the conjugations of tener . Coding is not so different, having to memorize specific syntax, rules, and commands. And in coding, you’ll get an error if you misspell return , so it’s important to remember the details.

But coding should be less about rote memorization and more about understanding the principles at work. So to help you focus more on deeper understanding, we created Codecademy Cheat Sheets.

You can refer to a Cheat Sheet when you’re building your next project or querying a new data set. We also made them downloadable as PDFs, so you can take them with you anywhere.

We currently have cheat sheets for the following courses:

More to come in the future. You’ll find them at the end of each relevant lesson.


@zainabrawat this is great. here is the whole list btw:

Course Module Cheat Sheet
Learn C++ 1. Hello World
2. Variables
3. Conditionals & Logic
4. Loops
5. Vectors
6. Functions
7. Classes & Objects
8. References & Pointers
Learn SQL 1. Manipulation
2. Queries
3. Aggregate Functions
4. Multiple Tables
Introduction to HTML 1. Elements and Structure
2. Tables
3. Forms
Introduction to JavaScript 1. Introduction
2. Conditionals
3. Functions
4. Scope
Learn Python 3 1. Syntax
2. Functions
3. Control Flow
4. Lists
Learn Java 1. Hello World
2. Variables and Data Types

:sparkles: This is so beautiful :sparkles:


Hi there,

Thank you so much for sharing these. However, it looks like this list is incomplete? For example, the JavaScript course has lessons on arrays, loops, iterators etc. but there are no cheat sheets available for these lessons. Are they still perhaps being worked on?

Some clarification on this would be great.

Thanks again.


I’m not sure about the cheat sheets, @sonnynomnom will have to update.

these are also mentioned in the Javascript Glossary:

This is a beta feature right now. Suppose people really enjoy the cheat sheets and believe this should be a feature, then we are going to go back in, iterate on it on the product side and create more of them.

So make sure to let us know what you think in the survey linked in the Cheat Sheets.

Hi. Where are there cheat sheets for only the first four lessons of Learn Python 3? Why are there not cheat sheets for the rest of the lessons in that course? Maybe there are, but I can’t find them? Thank you for your help!


Have a look at these:

Looking forward to matplotlib and seaborn cheat sheets!

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I was wondering what the copyright restrictions are on the cheatsheets. Am I able to share them with people at my workplace?

Other learn to code websites publish them openly for anyone to use. Will Codecademy be doing the same in the future?

I wanna confirm with @sonnynomnom on copyright restrictions but you can definitely share these with your colleagues.