Relearning HTML/CSS. Any tips?

Hey, just started relearning HTML/CSS, as stated above, and was curious if you guys had any tips? Thank you!

Just don’t be lazy and try to learn as much as possible every day.

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Tip no. 1: Re-learn HTML/CSS, just to be certain that all the fundamentals are reinforced.

Tip no. 2: Learn HTML5 and CSS3. This will bring you up to speed on what has changed in the spec.

Tip no. 3: Don’t stop there. HTML and CSS (as well as ECMAScript) are deemed living languages and every year they evolve and what are initially vendor implementations will eventually make it to the recommendation stage and become standardized. This needs to be followed to be kept up with.

Tip no. 4: Make accessibility a chief importance Everything in a successful UX revolves around this one concern. The more people who can use it will use it.

Tip no. 5: Validate. Don’t write or let your generators return invalid markup. Well-formed documents still matter. Validation doesn’t end at the raw source but at the response document. If that doesn’t validate then all our hard work is for nothing.

Tip no. 6: Master the art of user interaction offered in CSS. Not only interaction, but presentation effects, as well. CSS has matured to an amazing level of sophistication and nearly every effect that needed JS before can be done with CSS. Make that happen before turning to scripted enhancements.

Tip no. 7: Make scripted enhancements just that. Never hide content behind script. A site can become unusable and therefore inaccessible. Scripts are the tip of iceberg, the icing on the cake, the marshmallow on a hot chocolate. They are not the content, and should never restrict access to it.

Tip no. 8: Build to old standards and progressively enhance. Bleeding edge is cool, but does not always work. Build up enhancements on an already functional foundation.

I’m sure we could go on but I’ve taken up enough space already… You will be able to add to this list once you’ve got yourself up to speed.

Yes, just set time aside everyday to discover, play, and work on code. Everyday will be different because you will feel different everyday, but this will give you the opportunity start to live with your decision and realize you can and are doing it no matter the mood you are in.

Realize you won’t learn it in a day and you won’t ever learn it all, mainly because it is constantly changing. Oh you’ll forget the details but by coding everyday you will remember how it works which in turn helps you to find the answers your looking for.

Lastly, ENJOY YOURSELF! Let yourself change with your decision. If you really want to be coding you will FIND yourself doing it. I say this because the romance of it will wear off and this is when the true learning begins.

Have fun Signoflibra! :slight_smile:

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