Relax Day!

Hi everyone! Take a little time to look at my project.
I found very easy and I not even sure if it should be included as portfolio project!
Take a little more time when i try to put getters and setters… because getters appear in the for…in loop. Look what was my solution an give me your opinion!
you can acess my repo by : GitHub - StacyFranco/message_Generator: JS program that generate random messages

this is my code:

// Project Relax Day!!! // Data Base for the message Generator: const messageData = { _places: ['Beach', 'Park', 'Moutain', 'Lake or River', 'Waterfall', 'Farm', 'Amusement park', 'Touristic City', 'Aquarium', 'museun'], _activites: ['truth dare', 'crafty day', 'spa day', 'bake off', 'camping', 'treasure hunt', 'plant a tree', 'stargaze', 'workout', 'water ballon figth', 'horseback riding', 'read a book'], _foods: ['Picnic', 'Italian Food', 'Japanese Food', 'Mexican Food', 'Fancy eat', 'Pizza', 'Junk Food', 'barbecue', 'street food', 'Potluck', 'Tematic eating'], // getters get places() { return this._places; }, get activites() { return this._activites; }, get foods() { return this._foods; }, //setters set places(NewPlace) { if (typeof NewPlace === 'string' && NewPlace.length > 0 && !this._places.some((x) => x === NewPlace)) { this._places.push(NewPlace); } }, set activites(NewActivity) { if (typeof NewActivity === 'string' && NewActivity.length > 0 && !this._activites.some((x) => x === NewActivity)) { this._activites.push(NewActivity); } }, set foods(NewFood) { if (typeof NewFood === 'string' && NewFood.length > 0 && !this._foods.some((x) => x === NewFood)) { this._foods.push(NewFood); } }, } // changing enumerable properties ( so they don't appear together if the getters on the loop) Object.defineProperties(messageData, { _places: {enumerable: false}, _activites: {enumerable: false}, _foods: {enumerable: false}, }); // Function for randomize message: const random = (arr) => arr[Math.floor(Math.random() * (arr.length))] // Function to get the message: const message = () => { let aux = []; for (let key in messageData) { aux.push(random(messageData[key])) //console.log(key) } return aux; } /* // Testing the setters console.log(messageData.foods); messageData.foods = 'test'; messageData._foods.push('test2') console.log(messageData.foods); */ // Choosen the words: messageChoosed = message(); //console.log(messageChose) // Writing the complete message: console.log(); console.log(' TAKE A DAY FOR RELAX! ') console.log('=========================================================') //console.log(`You should go to a ${messageChose[0]}! Maybe do a ${messageChose[1]}, and you must try a ${messageChose[2]}!`) console.log(` * Your lucky place for today: ${messageChoosed[0]}!`); console.log(` * Maybe do this activity: ${messageChoosed[1]}!`); console.log(` * You must try: ${messageChoosed[2]}!`); console.log();
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