Relative URL of the backgroung-image attribute

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link to the exercise (CSS visual rules, Background-Image)

We see next example in the exercise:

.main-banner {
  background-image: url("images/mountains.jpg");

it’s not should be like that?

.main-banner {
  background-image: url("./images/mountains.jpg");

They both point to the same directory. ./ is the current directory.

+ project
  + images/
    * mountains.jpg
  * index.html

./ will be the project directory.

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If we don’t start from local directory, why we don’t use full directory path?

for example:


But this, without ./ it should full URL.


Or URL above is full, already? How it’s possible?

That is a background image URL in CSS, not a SRC attribute in HTML.


is adequate enough if being imported into index.html. Same as,


As for accessing files on the local machine, avoid referencing the drive root. It is not the site root, HelloWorld is.

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Explanation difference between url, src, href - topic