Relative path works in Chrome and IE, but not Firefox

I have been doing some experimentation with relative paths and have come across something that has me stumped. I have downloaded an image (.jpg) into my \Downloads folder in Windows, and was trying to link to it with a relative link as follows:

<img src="/Users/User_name/Downloads/my_picture.jpg" alt="error"/>

Interestingly, this code works fine and the image renders when I open the file with Internet Explorer or Chrome, but when I open it with Firefox, the browser displays the alt text “error”.

Could it be that this is something specific to Firefox?

Please note that I understand this file structure is not best practice… It is simply an experiment I am doing and I was wondering why Firefox would handle it differently.

Thank you for any insight!

Try putting a . at the beginning of the relative path:
<img src="/Users/User_name/Downloads/my_picture.jpg" alt="error"/>

. stands for ‘from this folder’.