Relative Length of Courses

Does anyone know how the length of the courses are assigned? Like a 20 week course or 40 hour course? Is that if you do 8 hours/day or 2 hours/day or what? I mean cause I’m thinking most people on here are doing an hour or two per day when they aren’t working.

So the time given to finish each course would be relative to the user that is working on it.
Should we start a poll? I’m curious as to how many people are doing more than two hours a day. :+1:


Hm… I’m interested too.

@alyssavigil can you help

They should be able to tell you the full information.


Hey @wickdw8yz!

Do you mean the length of time it takes to complete each course? Because that is mentioned beneath that stat bar on each course:

Tell me if I’m misunderstanding though


@stevencopeland No. you have the idea right. I know it says those time frames in the course overview. I’m wondering mainly on the courses that says weeks, like 10 weeks, 20 weeks; how is the time frame calculated. Is it if people do 8 hours a day for 5 days a week? Or, closer to 2hrs a day for 10 or 20 weeks? So, a 40 hour course takes 40 hours, but how many days does it take the average person to complete it.

I don’t work, so if the Computer Science Course is 20 weeks, which I’m not sure of, I can work on it for 8-10 hours a day.


@stevencopeland here is an example:


I don't know, but to be reasonable its probably a hour or two a day is what I'd think.

Hi all—the most scientific answer that we can provide is that it depends. On several factors, really.

  • The speed at which you read
  • How many attempts before a correct answer
  • The rate of project completion
  • And more variables, of course

You can imagine that we’d love to give a more precise length! I hope you can understand why it’s not quite possible right now, though.


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Please create a topic in the relevant category with information then someone can help you.

Hi! I’m interested in this as well. I understand that it all depends on multiple variables, some of which you listed, however, what variables was the Codecademy team assuming when creating the X weeks timelines? I am looking for a way to calculate benchmarks. If codecademy assumed a working rate of 2 hours per day with average reading speeds, then if I work 6 hours I will have a better idea on where I stand regarding course completion.

Imagine I started the given Path.

If it say 10 weeks, then approximately how much part should I complete every week?