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Hello everyone!

I am doing the front-end path. Is it advisable to complete the related courses while I do it? That is, while I study HTML, I should also do the individual HTML course and so on with all the technologies? Or is what is taught on the path the same?

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I would personally get half way through the path, then maybe extend to other paths, depending if I’m struggling or not.

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Keep in mind, HTML is involved with a couple other languages. Here are the paths I would suggest to go with HTML:

CSS - If you plan on building websites, trying not to use HTML is like trying to bake a cake without an oven. I’m sure it is possible to heat the cake batter sufficiently, but I am pretty sure it will be time-consuming and not taste very good in the end. CSS is for styling your websites so they don’t look like a bland, white page.

JavaScript - HTML and CSS can only go so far in terms of interactivity. JavaScript allows you to make your page come to life. It is not required, but I would highly suggest it.

(OPTIONAL) SQL - SQL is basically a way to manage data, but honestly, I have not used it (and don’t really plan on). I do know it is a way of storing data, so it might be another thing you might want to use.


Thank you very much for the advice! Probably I will complement the path with the courses themselves as I progress as you have indicated.
Sorry for my level of English!
Greetings and thank you.

Thank you very much for the recommendation! :slight_smile: