Reinforcement Learning Tutorial (?)

Hello - I am a high school teacher who has a student interested in reinforcement learning. We can’t find any practical ways to learn RL. Would CodeCademy be able to help with this? What courses/paths would help with RL? Student is currently working on “Build a Machine Learning Model with Python”

Also - if anyone reading this has additional resources, please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi Kathleen!

Unfortunately Codecademy does not currently offer courses on reinforcement learning. However, I reached out to our curriculum team and they offered some alternatives, hope they helped!

From Mariel Frank (senior curriculum developer):

I just did a bit of research. This seems like a solid explanation of the theory. There’s a videos series by google deepmind, an open-source course on RL taught using videos and jupyter notebooks, and a tensorflow-based tutorial series — all of which look promising

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Thank you Federico (and Mariel) - I will pass on the information to my student. He is in my science research class, hoping to use RL for his independent project due in September. I hope these resources can guide him through the learning process and help him with his project.
Thank you again!