Regular vs Pro vs Enrolled course

So it looks like there are 3 way to learn python here in Codeacademy.
Free Python course = $0
Monthly Pro membership and then take the Computer science path = $40/month
Enroll in Python course = $200 one time

My questions are

  1. What are the differences between the three?

  2. Do you need to be a pro member to enroll in the $200 python course?

have you checked out the help pages:

which contains pretty much the answers to all your questions

I have and still have questions, from what I have read and I am making some assumptions here is that
Free - All the teaching content
Pro - Additional quizzes and projects
Intense - All the teaching content organized in a curriculum, access to class like communication options, weekly requirements and a certificate

What I don’t understand is , is there additional content in the intense class that does not exist in the free class. Like for Python with Data structures, can you just go and take the free Python+Git+command line classes and see the same teaching content?

Also Can you get Intense without the pro? what if you get both, does the intense course get more intense because you have pro, or pro is an enhancement on the free classes and it is mutually exclusive to intense curriculum?

pro-intensive is also more teaching content. Not all learning content exist within the free-tier.

this is covered within the help page:

Thanks, for reference found this article as well, pretty helpful