Registrar's "Coming Soon" site won't go away


I already owned my own domain name from namebright for years before I took this tutorial. However, I've never understood how to actually publish my content onto it. Therefore, any time anyone would try to access it, it would have the generic Namebright "Coming Soon" page.

Now I have followed this tutorial except I sought outside help from Google because my domain name was not purchased from Route 53. Now, I am left with a situation whenever I go to either or, it takes me to the Namebright "Coming Soon" page.

Here are my settings: I am using Cloudflare. So I have replaced the nameservers at Namebright with the ones given to me by Cloudflare. Then I have a CNAME for @ of and a CNAME for www of I have also saved a CNAME file in my repository with in the first line.

What have I done wrong that is preventing me from seeing the content in my repository and is causing me to instead see the annoying Namebright "Coming Soon" page?


It seems to me that you're saying that your github page is pointing at your domain.
It really should be the other way around, shouldn't it?

By the look of things you sorted it out though


Thanks, ionatan. For whatever reason, it just took time. I woke up in the morning, and it was working properly.


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