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I have a few questions so…

`1. What is the name of something you register to. A register form right? But when I google this they only give me examples of forms that don’t save anything and I don’t know what language it requires. I also found some forms I can buy but those also do not include a log where they save registered accounts.

  1. Where do I find those forms?

  2. What language does it require if I would want to make it myself?

  3. Would it take a long time?

  4. What is the name of the registration thing, the thing that saves it, the thing that makes you able to save, favorite and like things on your account?

  5. How do you make a button equal to ‘+ New Topic’ that allows you to create a post like this and what is its name?

Like when I google for answers I only find ‘The best content for event creators’… I didn’t ask content for an event creator :frowning:

because like whenever I finish a few hours of work into making these kind of things using all tutorials I find, I end up finding out that they are all just templates that don’t save anything… what’s the meaning of it if it’s just gonna be deleted once you registered?

One more thing: I am willen to pay money so if you know any premium websites that sell those kind of forms just send them I can pay for it

Update: I looked at the source code for this website, please tell me that isn’t something you have to make by yourself…

the forms itself are written in html, then the form is submitted and saved in database.

to bridge form and database a back-end language is used (php, nodeJS, RoR, Django, golang for example)

  1. This depends on your expertise, and how much existing tools/code you already want to use. I am sure that if you google something like: php register form, you will get pretty much all the code you need

4 and 5 This can be done in all the languages mentioned + database.

this forum uses discourse which is an open source project:

which you can just use.

Get familiar with back-end programming, then you will learn slowly how things like this forum are build.

take a PHP course or a ruby on rails course


So I can just use the discourse thing?

Wait now I see 100/month or year I already forgot

If you want, yes. You can discourse, or learn to build something yourself

But if I use discourse does that mean I have to pay 100 a month…

Discourse is 100% free and open source. We encourage and support an active, healthy community that accepts contributions from the public – including you!

i am not sure where did you see 100 a month? Its completely free

Like the link you send, then I go to the website, click try free. Instantly shows payments

And do I just download the link you sent and put that in the website?

You are a programmer, then you are not going to choice the management hosting! Just set it up yourself

eh, what do you mean?

oh, you just want something already configured? Then just google to see where you can find something suitable for you

I can give you guidance if you want to program yourself, which i did (php, RoR and so on)

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