Reggie's Linear Regression


I have been completing the Python 3 course and haven’t had any problems until this project. First how the heck do I open this in jupyter notebook. Where is the command terminal to navigate the directory and open the file in jupyter? This seems like I was supposed to download a program previously but was never told to. Can I not just use the basic python ide and shell and windows command prompt to do this?

Note I have pycharm downloaded with the jupyter addin, however it does not look like pictures of the project that I have seen.

Please HELP!



Hey, on the page where it tells you about “Reggie’s Linear Regression” it tells you to download the project and links the text to the download, once it is downloaded unzip it by double clicking it wherever you saved it and then head to your terminal/CMD and type in jupyter notebook. This will launch the notebook, navigate to the place you saved the project and click it. It will open the project in the notebook.

It should have walked you through all of this.

When you are done, make sure to save and then exit that page back to the main jupyter page and press " Quit " Which will safely quit the notebook and complete the command in CMD


Hi Silver_Strings,
I am also stuck with the same issue.
I have downloaded and extracted the files in - The reggie’s linear regression-’
But it is not opening on the jupyter nb.
The error message says - the file is not UTF-8 encoded.
the following-