Reggie's Linear Regression - Stuck trying to run Jupyter Notebook command "bash: jupyter: command not found"

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I’m using GitBash on my Windows 10 PC. The install of Jupyter runs fine, but when I navigate to the project folder and run the “Jupyter Notebook” command, I get the error I wrote in the title. I believe the issue is that I’m somehow installing Jupyter in the the wrong place.

Where should it be installed normally? How can I find where it’s installed? And how do I change where it’s installing, so it’s going to the correct location?

Thank you!

You should make sure that your Python library path is in your system variables.
Go to Control Panel >> System and Security >> System >> Advanced System Settings >> Environmental Variables.

There will be two panels: a user variables and a system variables panel; make sure you select System variables panel. Select Path and then select New, and add Python’s path; C:\Program Files\Python310\

Try that and see if this resolves your problem.

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I see Variable Name and Variable Value. Which one do I add C:\Program Files\Python310\ to? What should I add to the other one?

I apologize; I misspoke on my instructions previously. From the Environment Variable Panel:

  • Select Path from System variables panel and select edit.
  • THEN select new and paste C:\Program Files\Python310\ in the field provided.
  • Select ok

If your issue still persists; navigate to your project folder. Then, type cmd in the address bar of File Explorer. This will launch the Windows terminal. Then type: jupyter notebook. It should launch. If so, run your script, and let me know if this resolves your issue!