Reggie's Linear Regression Project.

I don’t know how to setup the necessary things (like jupyter and miniconda) to do the off platform projects. I’ve tried for hours but I just don’t understand how to setup the downloads so I can begin to write the code. Please can someone help !

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  1. Install Anaconda it has everything you need, python, jupyter notebooks, python libraries, etc
  2. once you download the dataset file and extract it, open “Jupyter Notebook (Anaconda3)” It should be on your programs list
  3. Find the directory where you saved the dataset and then click in new/python 3

thank you so much for this answer. it was exactly my problem.

Is it possible to work through the exercises in alternative online python consoles?
My computer has a few missing .dll files and is 32-bit so each attempt leads to one or the other error. Until am able to get hold of my laptop …(covid-lockdown…sigh)

For most of them, yes. If there’s data being imported though it may take a bit of work or limit your options to certain online options.

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This is helpful, would you recommend any specific consoles?
I would be using console such as Programiz

I’m afraid I haven’t really used online only consoles for more than quick checks so I can only pass on second hand knowledge at best (perhaps a new question devoted to finding one might be worthwhile).

For that particular project perhaps Jupyter’s own try version could be nice since it’d be closer to the guidance: but if that’s no good it’d probably be worth asking around (in a new thread).



I downloaded anaconda and I tried both using Spyder and Jupyter Notebook to open the file in the console. On spyder I could see the file’s code, but not play it. On Jupyter Notebook I couldn’t even open the file.

It gives me the following error:
" Unreadable Notebook: C:\Users\Thiago\Documents\Livros, Jogos e Códigos\Coding\Programas & Algoritmos\Reggie_Linear_Regression_Skeleton.ipynb NotJSONError('Notebook does not appear to be JSON: ‘{\n “cells”: [\n {\n “cell_type”: "m…’) "

Can someone help me out?


Where can I find the instructions for this project?

That’s odd… were you able to figure it out eventually?

What always works for me is using the command line to navigate to the directory where the .ipynb file is located (in your case, within Programas & Algoritmos). Once you check that your in the correct directory by using the pwd command, you can type in “jupyter notebook” and it should open up in your browser.

I hope this is helpful for you or anybody else having this issue in the future. If you were able to figure it out on your own, how did you do it?