Reggie's Linear Regression Help

Hey guys, I want to do the cumulative Python project on the Data science path:

Does this work on windows?
I’ve downloaded the file, unzipped it into a folder and tried typing “jupyter notebooks” on command line in the right directory but it doesn’t compute ("“jupyter notebook”’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.")

Is there any other way for me to open the IPYNB file and retrieve the skeleton file for this exercise or what am I doing wrong? Do I need to actually download jupyter notebook and install it?

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Yes, that is the best way, here are the instructions ->

If you are familliar with Docker you might want to use one of the prebuild stacks ->, this would not require any additional setup.

You can use online services to work on Jupyter notebooks, but they tend to be pricey or problematic when it comes to use of your own modules.

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thank you! for some reason my pip installation failed so i’ll try through the website now.

It worked, I had to install Anaconda twice, though, because the first time the Navigator didn’t show up for some reason.
I managed to open the skeleton and the solution and worked through the exercise. For the last 2 tasks it didn’t seem to have saved previous function definitions anymore, though. it kept saying “calculate_all_error” wasn’t defined and in the next said “get_y” wasn’t defined, even though they both are and my solution is exactly the same as the solution provided for the exercise. Even after saving I couldn’t fix this unfortunately.