Reggie Linear Regression Skeleton troubleshooting

I am having difficulties understanding some parts of the exercise. I need help to understand what is wrong with my code vs the solution given by code academy. Seems to be an indentation problem?

The solution is supposed to be a float. Left side is my code. Right side is solution from code academy.

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Hey @samojede. Take another careful look at the instructions, particularly this part:

  • If the value returned from calculate_all_error on this m value, this b value, and datapoints is less than our current smallest_error ,
  • Set best_m and best_b to be these values, and set smallest_error to this error.

Thanks @domtoli ! It works:grinning:

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I did not get the best fit of “y = 0.3x + 1.7” as the solution proposes. In the part 1 test of calculate_all_error function, there was a y=mx+b that had zero error. That would be the best fit then, and not the proposed solution, which is why I got a best_m of 1, best_b of 0 and smallest_error of 0. Or am I wrong here?