I think regexp is important in JS & Python(greatly shortening functions), but I didn’t see any in codecademy courses.
Could you guys add it? Or is it too complicated?

Debatable. Might mean less code, but it will wreak havoc on readability. Not to mention the added resource consumption needs to be justifiable.

There is no disputing that everyone should have at least some understanding of Regular Expressions, regardless the language, but it takes a more advanced programmer to know when to and when not to use them. Putting such a tool in the hands of a beginner is a bit like giving a calculator to a kid before they can do math on paper. They will use it like a crutch and miss the fundamentals.

How many kids do you know who can calculate a modulo on a calculator without a MOD function?

Too advanced, I’d say, at least for this site where everything is served up on a smorgasboard. We need to insist upon the learner mastering all the string operations before adding RegEx to their toolkit.


Thanks for your reply :smiley:
I totally agree to your points. It’s pretty hard to understand all those .replace() with RegExp. And no C/C++/C# course because they’re ‘too advanced’?

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This has been asked for repeatedly. I suspect the problem is the cost of the interface needed to compile and run user submitted code. It would not be cheap and would demand a mountain of resources. Perhaps as more paid for products come on stream the revenues will justify a venture in that direction. Can’t say for sure from where we stand (forum admins/mods and not paid staff, but volunteer members).