Regex won't work?

Can anyone explain to me why my expression doesnt work?
It wont let me interprete the prompt(“lol”); statement. Can anyone explain why?

Try it by changing your

var allowedNumbers = /[3-18]/;


var allowedNumbers = [3,18];
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nvm, it works! :smiley:
But I have another problem now, and it is my if statement that i try to run. I get no output.

But the thing with your expression [3,18] is not the same thing as [3-18]. I want to match the numbers 3,4,5,6,…,18. With your expression it will only look for the numbers 3 and 18.

You will have to use the IF condition

allowNumber[0] < guess && guess < allowedNumber[1]

using the less than comparison operator
together with the logical and operator

[3,18] is an Array with 2 Elements

if you look in the left-hand column under the =header= Methods
you see all predefined functions of the Array-prototype

Honetly the code should work as I wrote it, but I dont know why?

Then give the FULL HTML code
and the FULL script code
maybe i can be of help

Thank you very helping me out! I did a lazy solution by doing the following code: /[3,4,5,6,…,18]/