Regex to find uppercase texts


Hi, I have a kung fu course facebook page ( and I have exported the 2015’s posts.

These posts have lost their formatting and I have texts like this:

“TITLE OF THE POST Start of the post text. Hello, goodbye.”

I need a working regex to put a separator ("§") after the title of the post… something like this:

“TITLE OF THE POST§Start of the post text. Hello, goodbye.”

How can I do?
Thanks to all will reply to me!


What tools do you use? what languages? How and where is the data? Do you need to extract it from facebook? Did you export it into a file, if so, what kind of file?


Imagine that I have only that text, I can use javascript or any other kind of regex environment, even an online tool. If for you is more simple we can use this:


But i will need a sample of the text, given i can’t just construct a regex based on guess work


The texts are all the same, they have the same format: “TITLE OF THE POST Start of the post text. Hello, goodbye.”


but are they on a single line? Multiple lines?

why can’t you just give me a sample? remove the sensitive data if you have to, but ensure the structure stays intact

you want my help or not?


Single line, this text describes them perfectly. There is nothing else.


well, here is a good start:

([A-Z]*[A-Z][ ]+)

the only problem this represents, is if your the title post contains a word of a single letter. This will always be a problem, given Start of post text also starts with a uppercase letter

can you understand that from the helping point of view, its frustrating to keep having to ask for information?

This page also suggests some helpful commands:


Thank you the problem is solved