RegEx practice

Im about 75% through the web dev path, had a little melt down with React, but got through it and thought it was time to practice my skills with small daily challenges. im happy how much i learnt in a couple of months, but see a i already have a big knowledge gap when it comes to RegEx in JavaScript. there seems to be little on this topic in CC. There’s a very nice bit in the ‘practical-data-cleaning’ course, but after gobbling that up im still not where i would like to be. I still find myself creating complex solutions to potential one-liners with RegEx.
long story short, is there another course i can follow on CC, or any tips on where to practice RegEx in more depth?

P.S. the picture is of an upsided-down dog

95% of the way through the course, getting sweaty palms and hot sweats knowing i will soon be released into the world without a good grasp of RegEx.