REGEX for extracting unstructured text

Dear lovely coders,

I am dealing with a pdf for which I ultimately want to extract text into a csv readable format according to a predefined structure.

For now, I would like to find two groups (1. for the enumeration and 2. for the text following the enumeration):

a) some text
aa) some text
aaa) some text here as well but I do not want to include brackets) within this text but
a new line would be nice.
bb) some text

I tried:

subletters_re = r'(^[A-z]\))'
matches_group3 = re.findall(subletters_re, text0, re.IGNORECASE)

Question 1: How can I include line new lines ?
Question 2: the

^does not seem to work in google collab as I just get an empty list

Anyone who could help me?

Hey byte7345305615
about regex(ing) new lines check this post:

For the second question I cannot help, sorry