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My question is in regard to the sentence in the page, I don’t understand why “moo” wouldn’t match…
An important note is that quantifiers are considered to be greedy . This means that they will match the greatest quantity of characters they possibly can. For example, the regex mo{2,4} will match the text moooo in the string moooo , and not return a match of moo , or mooo . This is because the fixed quantifier wants to match the largest number of o s as possible, which is 4 in the string moooo .

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moo wouldn’t match the regex if the regex (mo{2,4}) was being used on a longer string, such as moooo, because the regex wants to match as many o's as possible, so in a string with four os, it’ll match all the o's, but the string only had two o's (moo), then it would match that…

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