Regarding Sharing In Github

I am not getting the share option in my project even after completing it.
Please try to resolve it so that I can share my code on GitHub.

If you’d like to share your project on GitHub, you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a GitHub account at (if you have not already done so)
  2. Start a git repository on your computer in the directory that contains the project you want to share (local repository)
  3. Push your local repository to GitHub

The Codecademy course on git explains these steps in more detail.

Ok Thanks A Lot for giving quick response so that I can carry on with my progress.

Hi there,
I was thinking of sharing code from codecademy projects on my github.
But it feels strange to me, to share “code written during courses” as it was guided by codecademy.
Do you guys do that?
Is there any licence or copyright to consider, specially when the backstory is from codecademy?
I’ll be grateful for advice, reports and personal practices.
Kind regards,