Regarding setting up sql on local network

I followed the steps as described in the video but at one place I got stuck that is timelapse = 03:45 on video url = please help me out. Bash is showing nothing at all… no result/error after this step.

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Are you in the same folder as the sqlite file you’re trying to open??
You can check your folder contents with the ls command.

I am in the same folder. As you can see in the screenshot.

That’s odd. I see that ./sqlite3.exe works in the video but I’ve seen other windows users use the sqlite3 filename syntax I’m used to. Maybe try that?

What version of windows are you running?

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THANK YOU so much. It SOLVED the issue.
I am using windows 10 home.

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Glad to help! Haven’t used windows in a minute so I wasn’t 100% sure what was up but I had the feeling it was something small.