I accidentally charge my card for Pro subscription forgetting to add in the promo code which can help me save 50%. I would like to get refund and pay again with the promo code. It can help a lot since I’m struggling as a poor college student. @lilybird I heard that you are really helpful with this issue, please assist me on this!
Thank you!

We can’t answer billing questions on the forums. Please contact customer support.

I have already sent an email to customer support, no reply so far :frowning:

It is administratively much easier to grant a discount on future purchases than a refund on past ones. Suggest ask for a one year extension and be happy to receive it so that you and the office worker handling this claim can both walk away with a smile.

P. S. Whatever you paid, exploit the h e l l out of it, since that is what it is there for, and that is what you paid for. Access. That is why getting a second year extension is worthwhile. Strike while the iron is hot. It will buy you two years to really learn a s h i t load of cool stuff, warts and all.

The response time is between 24-48 hours. Also, the office was probably closed yesterday for the MLK holiday.
We cannot help with billing issues on the forums.

Thank you @mtf and @lisalisaj for your kind help! Fortunately, codecademy has agreed to refund me the amount that would have been taken off if the discount code was applied. I’m happy with this result :smiley:


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