Please, I was in the trial and ready to cancel it when I was charged. I need a refund as my card was debited . I had no need for the pro subscription. I was just checking the codecademy site after I hear from the site from some people. I cannot afford the account at this time.

Please help me get a refund.

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Please write support by visiting, and they’ll have the tools to help. We are not able to solve any subscription/payment related problems through the forums.


Thanks I did contact them but I’m not being assisted now. I nervous because I heard terrible stories about the way codecademy treats users.

Unfortunately, then there is little we can do at the moment except wait. If after a week you still haven’t heard anything, let us know.

it can’t imaging its codecademy intention to treat its users unfairly.


I really hope It will not take a Week.The debited me this morning and I reached out to them instantly. if somebody can help me I will extremely thankful

@realalpha please submit a request from here:

Our Customer Support team will be sure to get back to you within 48 hours. :slight_smile:


I have submitted the request a while ago but I feel like I’m being ignored…

@realalpha You’re all set! Please check your email for a refund/cancellation confirmation.


Hi lilybird,

I really need help in refunding my money. I was about to cancel and that got charged. I really don’t need this subscription. Could you please help me in getting refund :sob: I couldn’t afford this amount of money. Please help me out

@lilybird. Please do help me here :sob:
I would be really greatful

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Hi @csswhiz81172- welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Billing issues can’t be sorted out over the forum, unfortunately.

The OP submitted a ticket, @lilybird 's posts were just updates relating to that ticket.

If you need to discuss billing/refunds, you need to raise a ticket here:



@csswhiz81172, @thepitycoder is right. The best way to handle this is to write our Support team for help. Thank you for your understanding.

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I know billing issues can’t be sorted out over the forum, but I thought I would try anyways because I am really nervous and I read a few not very good things online about the codecademy support. I too was charged for the pro subscription after I had tried canceling my account. The form just did not work. I seriously can’t afford to pay 170€ right now. I already have submitted a request but got no answer yet so I thought I would try my luck here. If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

If you can update us with what happened that would be great because I am really getting scared right now

It is still the case that billing queries cannot be resolved on the forum.

If you’ve submitted a ticket to Codecademy about your Pro subscription, someone ought to get back to you pretty quickly (i.e. within 48 hours).

Bear in mind there was recently a public holiday in the US, so there may be slightly longer response times than usual. :slight_smile:

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Hello Lilybird I am in the same situation and I am in dire need of a refund.

Hi there! Our Customer Support team will be happy to help you with this. Please reach out to the team via the Help Center here:

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I already submited a request.

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Hi, I have contacted you about a refund too. I was positive I had cancelled a few days after my trial as I was just using this for a class. I woke up today to see I was charged $239 which is over half the money I deposited to take care of my expenses which include food for my elderly parents during the pandemic. None of us are working right now and I can’t afford to lose that money which we need for food and medical supplies as I’m taking care of my parents at home! Please refund me!

Hi there.

I can appreciate that this must be frustrating with everything going on, but as you’ve raised a ticket with Codecademy through the help centre someone ought to get back to you shortly.

If you’ve not heard back after a day or so, let us know and we (or, more accurately, @lilybird) may be able to nudge things along. :slight_smile:

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