Please, I was in the trial and ready to cancel it when I was charged. I need a refund as my card was debited . I had no need for the pro subscription. I was just checking the codecademy site after I hear from the site from some people. I cannot afford the account at this time.

Please help me get a refund.

Please write support by visiting, and they’ll have the tools to help. We are not able to solve any subscription/payment related problems through the forums.


Thanks I did contact them but I’m not being assisted now. I nervous because I heard terrible stories about the way codecademy treats users.

Unfortunately, then there is little we can do at the moment except wait. If after a week you still haven’t heard anything, let us know.

it can’t imaging its codecademy intention to treat its users unfairly.


I really hope It will not take a Week.The debited me this morning and I reached out to them instantly. if somebody can help me I will extremely thankful

@realalpha please submit a request from here:

Our Customer Support team will be sure to get back to you within 48 hours. :slight_smile:


I have submitted the request a while ago but I feel like I’m being ignored…

@realalpha You’re all set! Please check your email for a refund/cancellation confirmation.