Refund Request, double charge


Can a member of staff please get in touch, I contacted you guys on the weekend, its now Tuesday and i still haven’t had a response. I have been double charged,

I have sent an email to your support so please don’t tell me to send an email there as its obviously not helping me. I send a tweet that wasn’t responded to, so i am only left with getting it refunded via my credit card company if i do not get a response.

I like pro and enjoy using it, I have upgraded to yearly but this needs to be resolved as i do not want to see another double charge next month.

Thank you.


I’m sorry about hear that. Please contact the pro team via our Help Page

@daniellakisza Please have a look at this

It was definitely the pro @ address i sent my request to, can we get this sorted please, thanks

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We(Moderators) are not in charge/don’t have access to Pro

@daniellakisza will help you…

@daniellakisza can you please get in touch regarding this matter, i have been asking for help since the weekend and am now close to cancelling and asking for a full refund,

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Please get in touch with CC via the [Help Desk] (