Refund PLEASE!

I am currently a college freshman Comp Sci major and I needed help with a few topics, I came here to Codecademy to see what is offered but I did not want to buy a full annual subscription. I am a student and I need that money for my college books and expences, it took over $150 out of my account this morning and I wasn’t even able to get my breakfast. I am in deep need of a refund but online it says that I am not able to get a refund but I really need that money. It says that the turn around is 48hrs but I have seen other people say that it took them over a week to receive a response. If anyone can please help me much would be appreciated. I have already filled out two tickets.

Hi @otouss, there’s no route to deal with billing issues on the forums, contacting CC customer support as you have done is the ight way to go.

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Hi @otouss, I’m sorry for the scare and the trouble this has caused. Good news: I’ve been able to check in with our customer support team to learn that we were able to help in your case. Please check your email for a response from Codecademy support.

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