Refund please

I signed up for the course because I saw it was free, but now I get charged again, please pay me back. I am a student now so I don’t have much money

Hi @giahuyl9210384905!

I’m sorry, but the people on the forums are unable to help you with this. Please submit a help request on so you can ask them for a refund.


Did u ever end up getting a refund

Hey @script1801560279, welcome to the forums!

I am unable to check if the user got their refund. I’d recommend asking the user who requested the refund and check with them if they got the refund.

Hope this helps!

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I don’t get a refund

Hey there, we just took a look at your account and it looks like you haven’t written to support. Please do, and reference this thread, and our support team will do what we can to take care of you. Thank you!