Refund My Money! I did not sign up for recurring billing!

I have tried emailing Codecademy and there is no way to get in direct contact with anyone. You have to email and it says that they aren’t taking any inbound emails. What kind of service is that?!

Several months ago I signed up for Codecademy Pro. I was interested in having it for one year to try it out, but I quickly found that it didn’t have the information I needed and I was not interested in the courses anymore. I have not signed on since. This morning (almost a year later) I received a random $239.98 charge out of nowhere from Codecademy. I was NEVER told that this would be a recurring charge, and that I would not be able to get my money back. I have already cancelled the subscription this morning and I sent a request was for my money to be refunded. I do not want access to Codecademy and I have not used it for many months. I will not be using it at all in 2021.

Please refund my money or I will report this charge to my credit card company as an unapproved charge.

Thank you.


We do not handle billing questions on the forums.
Have you submitted a ticket here:
The turn around time is 24-48 hours I think.


Hi, I have the same issue, I did not intend to purchase a full annual subscription and it took over $150 out of my account and I am a student and I cannot afford this, that is over half the money that I use for required expenses this month I really need that money.