Please, I bought a 1-year subscription to code academy a year ago today and used it for a month or so before I dropped and forgot about it. I haven’t used it since January last year and do not wish to continue the service… I just received a $239 charge on my account and would like a refund, I have submitted multiple tickets and am getting very scared. Can someone help me, please??

We cannot help with billing questions here. As you have submitted a ticket already, wait for a reply; you should get a response within 48 hours.

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where is the reply going to go? My email or on the website?

I believe you’ll receive a response through email.


Concur… It will be by email since you have initiated it. Personal account information is never posted on the forums, or sent via DM. Your email is the official address that CC uses to communicate with you.

Nobody on the volunteer side of the boards will ever communicate with you via email unless you have expressly given that invitation. Our method of contact will be DM.

CM staff may contact you via DM, but it will be forum related, not personal CC account. That can only come from the official channels, explicitly off these boards in every way.


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