Refund for repeated subscription


I’ve been unexpectedly charged to renew my account when I didn’t intend to. I can’t currently afford the amount taken and need to get a refund. I’ve tried emailing but got an auto response saying that they’re not accepting emails and tried raising on online ticket but the system doesn’t appear to be working. What other routes are available to get a refund as quickly as possible?

Hi there @piersyork6551178759,

Thanks for posting, but we can’t help with billing on the forums. You need to reach out to the Codecademy Customer Support team to resolve your billing issue. To submit a request, please visit the Help Center: ( ). Someone from the team will be sure to get back to you within 48-72 hours.

Hi how_to_program, part of my problem is that the ticket system doesn’t appear to be working for me. Are there any other options for contacting?

To my knowledge, the only way is support tickets. And try clearing your cookies, and catch, and the support tickets should work for you.

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Hello there! I am also looking to do the same thing, but I am not getting any response back. Any idea on what the response time is? Any help is appreciated!!

This is in business days.