Refund for Plus account

Hello, I know this isn’t the best place but I wanted to see if anyone has any luck requesting for refunds.

As a person on a tight budget, I simply cannot afford the subscription. I only wanted to get access to a specific course using the 7 day trial which I did for the first part of one course and did not even use the full 7 days. I was checking out codecademy’s courses after I heard some great reviews from my friends, but after evaluation and considering my student status + inflation over the last few months, I cannot afford the subscription.

Whats also worse is that the billing options are hard to change - and I was charged for annual charge all at once… if this accidental charge was a monthly charge this wouldn’t be such an issue for me. I’m worried if I don’t receive a refund, it’ll be very challenging for me to get to the end of the month.

I read in the refund policy that Pro users are not eligible for refunds after the 7 day trial, however, my account was charged for a Plus status.

We cannot answer billing questions on the forums. Please contact CS via the Help page and open a support ticket. Turnaround time is ~24-48 hrs.

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Hi Lisa, I am too having something similar, but I haven’t got any respond to them yet. Is there any way I can contact them via call? thank you!

Any updates on your case? @course0142019223

I can only direct you to the Help page & what is there.
Submit another support ticket there with a detailed description of the issue.


I got a response, I think it is sorted! thank you.

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