Reflecting on 30 Days of Coding

This space is for sharing about your 30-Day Challenge. :memo:

You finished the 30-Day Challenge! :tada:What did you learn?

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Finished HTML and CSS. I’m 82% of the way through JS. It’s a doozy.

Since I’m new to coding in general it takes a lot of focus and rereading to have some of the concepts sink in. Currently on the promises lesson, and it’s taking some deep focus to understand.

However, I have created a basic HTML website with some CSS styling and a little bit of JS just to use the projects in a real world environment.

Also, I’m staying engaged with the React lesson as well. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my progress. I think I might be best served by going back and really mastering some of the previous topics. Repetition is needed now.


I’m gonna go ahead and put this up here, finished my 30 days while back and started another recently. As to the internship, I’m having an interview on Wednesday! I’m super excited/worried, and I’m sure this helped prepare me for this.

Thanks CodeCademy! :smiley:


Congratulations!!! What languages have you learned that you feel helped prepare you most for the internship? I’m nearly done with the Web Development path, but I don’t feel very confident in my own skills yet so I’d love some advice!


Oh, congrats on almost finishing the Web Dev path, it’s quite the endeavor! I’m so curious, what would make you feel more confident in your skills, you think?

Hey @kgnunn999!

I found that knowing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (especially the DOM side of JS) was very helpful and I would recommend advancing your experience in each of those languages (at least for a front end job). I’d definitely recommend trying to build your own websites. This will make you run into problems that you won’t know how to fix and so for sure advancing your knowledge.

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It was great up until I got to OOP and Inheritance.

I am doing great I have just completed the 30days challenge. I did 30 minutes session every day. I feel I learnt a lot along the way but I am still not so comfortable with the language I’ll put more efforts on the next challenge.

Woo-hoo I’m on day 30!! That went by so fast… and it’s incredible how much I feel like I’ve learned. Today, I’m working on the hurricane analysis project in python. Although I need to take some time to think about what I’m doing, the program seems to be doing what I tell it to do. (for the most part, at least… some corrections here and there)

30 Days ago, I was learning how to assign integers and strings to variables, and today I’m writing a program that loops through a dictionary to create another dictionary. THIS IS SO COOL.

It would be foolish for me to not start another 30-Day Challenge. :wink:

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I’m on day 23 and it’s great I like the challenge of learning everyday and actually look forward to every session. Here’s what I’ve learned in my 46 years on earth. If you work hard at it and work in a way that works with your style of learning, over time you will learn. This is the sixth time in my career I’ve had to retrain myself. Having faith in yourself is key and having patience in the learning process. Keep at it and it will happen. Be well! :slight_smile:

I am about 50 days in. I forgot to do my 30 day reflection. It feels good to make progress in Python. My interests with Py has extended now into machine learning, ai, and some financial applications. As a profession math tutor I continue to remain interested in some of the cryptography and computational mathematics problems. I am looking forward to integrate and synthesize more code with mathematics, extending some unfinished projects.

There is still a lot to learn – up to the modules section and exploring the vast libraries and modules one can import to enhance code.

One reflection that has come up several times is, “what is ethical use of technology?” More specifically, is coding being used for legal, and humanitarian purposes, or is it being politically weaponized and or appropriated without our consent to weaponize an institution or state? This reflection has led me to reflect deeper about the history and momentum of technology, ai development, government, politics, economic power, and international security.

What has come up is the question, "What is it like to think about coding from a more human rights law perspective that seeks to enhance diversity in government, educational leadership and improving economic development, not just create greater tech gaps as we have witnessed with the big 5 tech companies? More specifically, where do human rights discussions in light of technology come into play with not only the need for physical security, but now, also cyber security and stronger data protection? Where does code come into play as a corrective force when technology is being used for illegal purposes, like surveillance without our knowledge or consent? Can we use and develop code and communities of code to raise awareness for human rights principles? And what can one do in light of diminished privacy concerns in this increasingly connected and technocratic age? Can good judgment and leadership (not just technical know-how) exist in code more synthetically? Can we keep certain bad actors without oversight more accountable with better code through more sophisticated diplomacy?

Hi all!

I hope you are all enjoying your coding journey! I certainly am! I have also completed the 30-Day Challenge, currently 61% through the Web Development Path. I have some experience with Python and am pursuing a career in full-stack development. I am enjoying the front-end development side more than expected.

I have learnt:
HTML; used for the structuring of a webpage. Semantic HTML tags provide meaning to the elements opposed to div. I can build tables and forms. layout documents with appropriate white space, to provide ease of reading.
CSS; provides limitless styling of webpages using selectors and properties. CSS allows me to add colour, font stylings, positioning and display properties. Flexbox allows for responsive web pages that react to resizing of the web browser window.
JavaScript is a programming language that provides webpages with logic. This script allows users to interact with webpages. Some new concepts introduced to me were asynchronous functions, promises, await, and requests.
I have also learnt to think about errors in a different way. I now have a methodical approach to debugging instead of the panic that used to set in when seeing the red text. I am more comfortable using the command line. Learnt how to use Git and make commits to GitHub, I look forward to using these skills more in the future.
I am currently learning JSX, which is an interesting blend of JavaScript and HTML. I am enjoying the Codecademy content, the projects are well explained and are at the right level.

I am going to start my next 30 Days now. Coding every day helps to “rewire” your brain. Helping you to access the skills required to learn a new language and solve problems. My next course after Web Development will be jQuery.
Happy Coding!

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