Reflecting on 30 Days of Coding

This space is for sharing about your 30-Day Challenge. :memo:

You finished the 30-Day Challenge! :tada:What did you learn?

Finished HTML and CSS. I’m 82% of the way through JS. It’s a doozy.

Since I’m new to coding in general it takes a lot of focus and rereading to have some of the concepts sink in. Currently on the promises lesson, and it’s taking some deep focus to understand.

However, I have created a basic HTML website with some CSS styling and a little bit of JS just to use the projects in a real world environment.

Also, I’m staying engaged with the React lesson as well. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my progress. I think I might be best served by going back and really mastering some of the previous topics. Repetition is needed now.


I’m gonna go ahead and put this up here, finished my 30 days while back and started another recently. As to the internship, I’m having an interview on Wednesday! I’m super excited/worried, and I’m sure this helped prepare me for this.

Thanks CodeCademy! :smiley:


Congratulations!!! What languages have you learned that you feel helped prepare you most for the internship? I’m nearly done with the Web Development path, but I don’t feel very confident in my own skills yet so I’d love some advice!

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Oh, congrats on almost finishing the Web Dev path, it’s quite the endeavor! I’m so curious, what would make you feel more confident in your skills, you think?

Hey @kgnunn999!

I found that knowing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (especially the DOM side of JS) was very helpful and I would recommend advancing your experience in each of those languages (at least for a front end job). I’d definitely recommend trying to build your own websites. This will make you run into problems that you won’t know how to fix and so for sure advancing your knowledge.