Referral link will not load


When I go to referral page it doesn’t load the actual link.

after a minute or so I get the following message:

Tried from my phone, still no show.

I really want to refer a friend. How can I do so?

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Upon a quick test, it looks like I’m running into the same issue (I tried on a couple different browsers too) which would suggest it’s most likely something on Codecademy’s end, perhaps if you try a little later it may be resolved?

If it still doesn’t work in a little while you could try reaching out to the Codecademy helpcenter directly and seeing if they can resolve it for you :slight_smile: :


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out, and I apologize for any confusion. We are currently transitioning to a new referral vendor and are currently unable to offer a referral program at this time. Support is working to disable the page in the meantime to avoid any further confusion.

Please note that we are working with a new vendor and hope to have that programming running on our site in the next few weeks. I’d recommend checking back in a few weeks for our new referral program.


Community Manager


Got it. Out of curiosity will the new links not be random characters. So the links would be something like this:<your username> instead of the<random characters>

I don’t have any specifics on what the referral links will look like, I’m afraid!

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