Refactoring Sass Project

I’m starting this project and it says to copy the contents of the style.css file to the style.scss file to being refractoring, but the css file is completely empty. Is this a bug??

Hello, @tiggertiffin87. Could you post a link to the project?

Edit: I believe I found the project here:

I can’t replicate your issue though. The style.css file contains 81 lines of code. If refreshing your browser doesn’t work, let me know.


Sorry, yes, that’s the correct link/project.

So I’ve refreshed a couple times, navigated away and came back, closed my browser and re-opened and cleared cache. And style.css is still blank.

I’m using the latest version of Chrome.

Could you post a screen shot? This is what I see after clicking the folder icon and selecting style.css. Also, the far right pane is pre-populated with the style.css code when I open the project.

Strange. You might try clicking the Reset button. I generally use Firefox, but Chrome should work.

Edit: I just opened the project with Chrome, and the same code is there for me.

I did that a couple times too, but this time it finally worked!

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Cool. No idea why you had such trouble, but glad it’s working now. Good luck with the rest of the project!

Hi, I encountered exactly the same issue as tiggertiffin87.
Although I was able to solve the issue by also hitting the Reset button (after following this forum), this experience was very confusing and clogged my learning momentum…I highly suggest you look into this further and fix it for anyone else who’ll be using this tutorial in the future.