Redux News Reader

Hello, I have finished every task as best as I know. But I there seems to be a problem with my showing comments and I would like someone’s opinion. Thanks

Did you figure this out? Is the problem with adding comments, or with existing comments too?

It looks like you might just need to wrap comments in an object here:

export const postCommentForArticleId = createAsyncThunk(
async ({ articleId, comment }) => {
const requestBody = JSON.stringfy( comment ); =======> change this to const requestBody = JSON.stringfy( {comment} )
const response = await fetch(api/articles/${articleId}/comments, {
method: “POST”,
body: requestBody,
const json = await response.json();
return json;

It looks like this is just the format that the API is expecting, it’s in the instructions but I missed it too!

Just skimmed your code. One issue could be with CommentList.js regarding explicit/implicit returns from an arrow function.

See: Redux News Reader stuck on step 10 - #3 by mtrtmk